Parish Councillors

Cllr Mrs Kathy Doeser Caerlaverock, Tresowes Hill,
Ashton, Helston TR13 9TB
01736 763876
Cllr Mrs Georgina Praed Trethewey Farm,
Germoe, Penzance TR20 9QU
01736 763642
Cllr David Blencowe Chycarne Cottage, Balwest,
Ashton, Helston TR13 9TE
01736 762193
Cllr Lee Molcher Tremorvu, Tresowes Hill,
Ashton, Helston TR13 9TA
01736 763074
Cllr Richard Johnson Bargess Holding, Balwest,
Ashton, Helston, TR13 9TE
01736 761805
Cllr Graham Bell Germoe Veor, Churchtown,
Germoe, Penzance TR20 9QX
01736 761859
Cllr Joe Pickles Tregonning Gardens, Tresowes Hill, Helston TR13 9TB 07855 384404
Cornwall Councillor
Cllr John Keeling
 Ashton Post Office, Fore Street,
Ashton, Helston TR13 9RN
 01736 763272
Member of Parliament
Derek Thomas MP Wharfside Shopping Centre
Penzance TR18 2GB
 01736 363038
Clerk to the Council
C.F.P.Chapman Chy Lean, St Keverne Road,
Mawgan, Helston, TR12 6AY
01326 221648

Councillors’ responsibilities within the community (please click here)

Councillors’ Registers of Interests

Cornwall Council maintains a Register of Interests both for its own Councillors and for Councillors of the Town and Parish Councils in the county.

A copy of the Register is available for public inspection at County Hall, Treyew Road, Truro TR1 3AY during office hours.

The Register for Germoe Parish Council is also available to inspect by following the link below.

Please note. Where a registerable interest is a sensitive interest it will not appear in the public register. A sensitive interest is one that, if disclosed, could lead to a member, or person connected with them, being subject to violence or intimidation.

To view Germoe Parish Councillors’ Registers of interests please click here